The largest range of propane chillers in the market!

Wide range of applications for propane

From a comfortable indoor environment to the complex process cooling RANSTA-Series offers a wide field of application with the green refrigerant propane. The cold water/brine chillers for outdoor installation ensure high standards of safety.

In the initial phase of our partnership with Euroklimat, we had intense discussions about the quality feature “Made in Germany”. These were primarily the requirements for a leak-proof design of the units and the safety concept for flammable refrigerants. Euroklimat is very well positioned in this regard. The control cabinets are insulated and separated from the entire unit. The built-in compressors are optimised for hydrocarbons and have a higher safety standard for flammable refrigerants. All other components essential for safety comply with higher safety standards and are ATEX-certified. Each chiller is thoroughly checked for leakages in a production run test. This initial start-up at the factory additionally checks all components for proper function and determines the exact refrigerant charge.

A filled start-up log is also included in the deliverables of the unit. Incorporating TEKO-specific product features such as stainless steel pipework for the pressure gauge station and the Wurm control electronics are done during product manufacturing itself. Moreover, RANSTA-series conforms to the European guideline “EcoDesign” 2015/1095.

Optimum adaptation to customer needs

The demand for propane units is steadily increasing. We noticed this with increasing demand and number of projects implemented. Primarily for building climate control, together with our partner – the refrigeration specialists, we have successfully installed numerous RANSTA units. By working in close cooperation with Euroklimat and TEKO, we can incorporate the requirements of our customers in the product development process. Always with the aim of offering products that are easy to operate and safe to use.


EUROKLIMATmanufactures water chiller units since 1963. Apart from maximising efficiency and saving energy, we constantly endeavour to incorporate environmental protections in our day-to-day activities. This way, we can offer the largest range of propane chillers on the market. We worked closely with TEKO to optimise the RANSTA series for the German market, and we are pleased with this achievement” – Michele Bedin (Managing director of EUROKLIMAT)