Produce retailers

Over 40,000 TEKO-system solutions already in use!

TEKO – Your specialist in produce refrigeration

Grocery stores are complex systems. We understand this systems business because for more than 30 years we have identified and provided solutions for the refrigeration challenges faced by produce retailers.

This competence is valued highly by a comprehensive network of refrigeration specialists with whom we work in close cooperation. This allows us to use our in-depth knowledge to solve your problems related to refrigeration.

Over 40,000 TEKO system solutions are currently in use and have proved their worth nationally and internationally.

On the basis of this experience and our existing range of products and systems, we can directly deliver a technically mature and sustainable overall package that fulfils all statutory requirements. We can customize or re-design existing TEKO-products as per your requirements and subsequently mass-produce them for you. Working closely with you, we identify and implement appropriate operating concepts and possible savings.

Preserve your cooled goods

Preserving the freshness of perishable goods for as long as possible is a complex process in the refrigeration chain.

The key to success is the operational safety of your refrigeration unit. Therefore, we put great emphasis on reliability and durability while manufacturing our products. We achieve this by manufacturing exceptionally leakproof units with minimal soldered joints, by using bent pipes made of copper and steel instead of tube connections, with the right oil supply to the entire unit and by designing our machines (including the Inventor simulation program) in such a way that a low vibration and low pulsation operation is possible.

You will profit by preserving the quality of your produce as well as low service and maintenance costs, thanks to the refrigeration specialists.

The integrated control systems by Wurm systems guarantee further success. It perfectly regulates and permanently monitors the temperature of the room where your produce is refrigerated. You as the operator, your store manager and your refrigeration specialist can monitor, analyse and optimise the temperature data as well as access the legally mandated temperature documentation as per HAACP via software and remote diagnosis.

Wurm Systeme

Save money

Food refrigeration involves high energy costs. Precise capacity adjustment for fluctuating cooling demands [due to refrigeration cabinets (open or with glass doors), defrost cycles, summer/winter operation, peak periods, etc.] can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Apart from the refrigeration unit, ventilation, heating, air conditioning and lighting also consume significant amount of energy. The GTM technology (part of the Wurm-Group) optimally combines the cooling unit control system with these maintenance groups. You will get an in-depth understanding of the energy consumption and key performance indicators of your retail store or your branch stores. This, in turn, will help you in carrying out energy comparisons, implementing energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 and avoiding cost-intensive consumption, such as during peak loads.

Wit our refrigeration system’s integrated concept of cooling, heating and air conditioning you get perfectly matched system components that seamlessly integrate in the overall cooling concept of the retail store. Apart from significant savings in power consumption, your investments are lower and the coordination effort required between the maintenance groups is also less.



“The typical operating life of a food retail refrigeration unit is between 8 to 12 years or more, as seen in many cases. Therefore, our customers require system concepts that are state-of-the-art and completely sustainable. In Germany,CO2-Technologyin the food retail industry is well established. Even in other European countries, food retail chains are increasingly relying on this refrigerant. Be it the classic supermarket, discount stores or mega stores, TEKO has tried and true solutions for different market concepts. We focus on providing all-round service and support for all project phases for both the operator and the installer: From concept creation to a technically mature and sustainable overall package to comprehensive documentation, product training and ordering assistance, question and demand answers from my key account colleagues and me. We have the right solution for your requirements.– Heiko Sittinger (Key Account Manager, LEH)