Food retailing

Over 40,000 TEKO-system solutions already in use!

TEKO – Your specialist in produce refrigeration

Since we have been serving grocery chains with more than just refrigeration technology for over 30 years, we understand your daily challenges.

Temperature stability for your perishable goods with the least number of duplicates possible, reliable systems, energy management as per ISO 50001, building management inc. ventilation, heating, air conditioning and lighting are just some of the services we can provide working in cooperation with our long-standing partners Wurm Systeme and GTM Gebäudetechnik Management.

Temperature stability – preserving cooled goods

Preserving the freshness of perishable goods for as long as possible is a challenging process in the refrigeration chain. The integrated control system from Wurm Systems accurately controls the temperature of your chilled goods. You as the operator, your store manager and your refrigeration specialist can monitor (permanently online if required), analyse and optimise temperature data, as well as access the legally mandated temperature documentation as per HAACP via software and remote diagnosis. Wurm has been HACCP certified since 2017 and all their products meet the legal requirements associated with the food retail industry (e.g. Commission Regulation (EC) 37/2005).

Operational safety – calculatable investment and operating costs

We put great emphasis on the reliability and durability of the products we manufacture. We achieve this by means of long-lasting leak-proof systems with minimal joints, the use of bent pipes made of copper and stainless steel instead of tube connections, the selection of high-quality components and the correct oil supply of the entire system. You will benefit by preserving the quality of your produce as well as low service and maintenance costs, thanks to the refrigeration specialists.

Energy management – save hard cash

Food refrigeration involves high energy costs. By standardising and managing all key energy consumers, energy consumption can be significantly reduced. Systematic energy management as per ISO 50001 also enables you to continually improve the energy efficiency in your retail stores and branches.

The integrated Wurm control system provides you with the necessary tools to always keep a close eye on consumption costs in the areas of cooling, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and heating in a clever way. The FRIGOLINK control system provides suitable models for all maintenance groups mentioned. All control circuits communicate via a shared BUS connection. This means the heating system recognises the status of the cooling system at all times and can react accordingly. The system obtains additional information from accurate location-based weather forecasts, which the Wurm METEOLINK module sends to all BUS participants, therefore allowing the control strategy to be adjusted in a way to save energy.

Building management

Using synergies within the Wurm Group, GTM can optimally adapt commercial cooling to controlling building technology (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, cooling/heat recovery, system integration and consumption recording). GTM thus combines the different maintenance groups with overarching peak management to significantly reduce peak loads and electricity costs.

Wurm control electronics

TEKO – your specialist in produce refrigeration

This wide-ranging competence is valued highly byan independent, Europe-wide network of refrigeration specialists with whom we work in close cooperation. This allows us to use our in-depth knowledge to solve your problems related to refrigeration.

Over 40,000 TEKO system solutions are currently in use and have proved their worth nationally and internationally. From this comprehensive portfolio, we can adapt the most suitable TEKO products to your needs in conjunction with the Wurm control system, and then produce these for you in series. Working closely with you, we identify and implement appropriate operating concepts and possible savings.

We can generate standards for you, from which you will benefit qualitatively and financially. One example is our integrated RETAILOX concept for cooling, heating and air-conditioning using a cooling system. You receive perfectly matched system components that can then be integrated seamlessly in the retail store’s entire cooling concept. Apart from significant savings in power consumption, your investments are lower and the coordination effort required between the maintenance groups is also less.


The typical operating life of a food retail refrigerationunit is between 8 to 12 years or more, as seen in many cases. Therefore, our customers require system concepts that are state-of-the-art and completely sustainable.In Germany, CO2 technology in the food retail industry is well established. Even in other European countries, food retail chains are increasingly relying on this refrigerant. Be it the classic supermarket, discount stores or mega stores, TEKO has tried and tested solutions for different market concepts. We focus on providing all-round service and support for all project phases for both the operator and the installer: from creating a concept and a technically accomplished and futureproof complete package through to comprehensive documentation, product training and ordering aids. Why not talk to and question myself and our key account colleagues? We’ve got the right solution for your needs.– Heiko Sittinger (Key Account Manager Retail)