Extraction unit

frigopol extraction unit 1000x556 frei 600x334 - Extraction unit

A clean solution to help the planet

Whether for service purposes, when replacing refrigerant or for disposal… every now and then refrigerant will need to be extracted from a refrigeration system. Frigopol portable extraction units are the best way to ensure virtually all natural and synthetic refrigerant is removed from your system.

Mounted on a portable frame, the extraction unit can be moved around and is capable of getting into even the most hard-to-reach places.

A high-capacity Frigopol compressor extracts refrigerant in gaseous form to almost entirely empty the system.

Refrigerant collected in canisters can then be re-used or correctly disposed of.

Operating range

The exhaust unit is suitable for synthetic (CFC, HFC e.g. R 134a, R 404 A, …) and natural refrigerants (ammonia).

Extraction volume: 5-19 m³/h