Separating hood compressor

frigopol separating hood compressor 1000x752 1 600x451 - Separating hood compressor

Tradition for the future

The separator hood compressor developed by Frigopol – the only one of its kind in the world – is an indispensable addition to the world of refrigeration technology. Frigopol is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the novel technology.

The Frigopol separating hood compressor consists of a half-open motor compressor with refrigerant-proof housing. Due to the screwed separating hood, the compressor has no drive-related bushings to the exterior.


  • Suitable to natural and synthetic refrigerants
  • Piston displacement 3-46 m³/h
  • Motor winding and refrigeration circuit isolated by separating hood design
  • Frequency control 15-75 Hz
  • Low-vibration operation
  • Optimal capacity adjustments with variable capacity control from 20 to 100%
  • Very easy to service by replacing the stator without the need to interfere with the refrigerant circuit
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to sturdy construction
  • Simple multi-compressor design

Operating range

Depending on the refrigerant, the compressor can operate from evaporating temperatures between -45°C and +15°C and condensing temperatures between +20°C and +70°C.


Compressor repairs

Product sustainability is at the top of the agenda at Frigopol. In order to stick to its commitment to the environment during servicing, Frigopol has offered professional maintenance and repairs for the separating hood compressor for decades. Something made even easier by the easy-to-maintain compressor design.

Benefits: Maintenance and repair vs. buying a new product

  • Save time: No extra modifications need to be made to the unit – short lead times
  • Save money: Low work costs and no need to purchase a new compressor – cost savings
  • Help the environment: Our service approach preserves raw materials and energy, all while recycling raw materials
  • You can trust and rely on us: Decades of experience in maintenance and repairs, 12-month warranty, exclusive use of original replacement parts
  • Technical benefits: Repairs report incl. pictures of damage