Heat recovery

Utilize heat. Save energy.

Would you like to keep the rising energy costs under control? Then utilise the excess waste heat from your refrigeration system.  For example with our COOL2HEAT system: simply complement your TEKO refrigeration system with the modular COOL2HEAT units of your choice.

  • COOL2HEATbasic.

    Waste heat utilisation made easy.

    Take the opportunity to recover heat via direct condensation or a hot water circuit. Different advantages arise depending on your building services. We will gladly advise you.

    Direct condensation systems boast very low energy losses. Also, the temperature differences can be put to very good use. When feeding excess heat into a heating water circuit, the low quantity of refrigerant above all is an advantage. The thermal heat is also easier to distribute.

    Advantages of heat recovery are:

    • Low additional expense
    • Significant reduction of heating costs
    • Considerably lower CO2 emissions
    • Perceptible efficiency improvement of the overall system
  • COOL2HEATresource.

    Also possible without additional heating.

    Increase the utilization of waste heat with an additional heat pump or heat pump compressor within your refrigeration system. This allows you to save on conventional heating. The capacity of the refrigeration system adapts to the additional heating requirements and the environmental energy is intelligently used, even at icy temperatures. The acquisition costs are lower than for conventional heating systems and you also reduce operating costs. By omitting a heating system, you can use the newly available space as a sales floor.

  • COOL2HEATcomfort.

    Create a feel-good indoor climate in your market.

    With a simple extension of your refrigeration system, you can achieve a consistent indoor climate during the hot temperatures of summer. There is no longer any need for additional air-conditioning systems. Another positive effect of this technology is the increased efficiency of your refrigeration system, since the refrigeration points are exposed to significantly less heat loads during hot outdoor temperatures.

  • COOL2HEATintegral.

    The fourth variant of the COOL2HEAT system is the combination of the integrated systems for cooling, heating and air conditioning with a building management system. Have you already exhausted every possibility for optimising your supermarket’s energy consumption? Take advantage of our experience from more than 130 integral COOL2HEAT projects. This gives you extensive energy-saving opportunities.