We rock CO2.

Details on ROXSTA.

Experience the new ROXSTA concept. The optimum solution for every requirement. Sustainable and environmentally aware with the natural coolant CO2.


Our standardised solution for the requirements of small to medium-sized supermarkets.

Cooling solution. Up to 112 kW.
Heating solution. COOL2HEATbasic.
Control solution. Wurm control technology.

Compact. Slimline. Easy to install.

  • Focus on the key components
  • Limited space requirement
  • Easy and understandable handling of CO2
  • Handling, installation, control and maintenance are clear and easy to implement
  • Short delivery times due to standardised design


A bit bigger maybe? Our ROXSTA2.0 offers wide-ranging solutions for an exceptional variety of uses, such as logistics centres, food retail or food production.

Cooling solution. Up to 340 kW.
Heating solution. COOL2HEATbasic/resource/comfort.
Control solution. Wurm control technology.
For that special efficiency boost. Parallel compression.

Modular. Flexible. Standardized.

  • All-around no-worries package, combining several functions
  • Flexible selection of suitable options
  • Modular set-up
  • Wide power band


The optimum series solution for small-scale uses (e.g. discount stores). Optimised for use in the minimum installation space. You only require one pallet space.