Discounter Mainaschaff

CO2 solution ROXSTAcube integral


Discounter (Mainaschaff) – retail outlet size: 800 m2

  • Cooling of refrigeration cabinets (glazed MT-storage racks) and cold storage rooms (dairy produce, LT)
Refrigeration specialist

SKB Kälte Kühlanlagen GmbH & Co. (Gießen)

Technology in use

ROXSTAcube integral

  • Refrigerant: CO2 (R 744)
  • MT: 20 kW (t0 -5/tGK 36°C) – 2 Frascold-compressors (1 compressor with frequency converter)
  • LT: 6 kW (t0 -30/tC -5°C) – 1 Frascold-compressor
  • Climate: 31 kW (t0 2/tGK 36°C) / WP: 14 kW (t0 -19/tGK 36°C) – 1 Frascold-compressor (with frequency converter)
Special features
  • Integrated concept for cooling, heating and air conditioning
  • Exterior installation with sound protection (heated water pipes)
  • ECOLINK Gebäudetechnik (GTM –
  • Ceiling-mounted air units (Kampmann –

Wurm-control electronics FRIGOLINK:

Compound, medium pressure and high pressure valves, gas cooler control and all cooling points