ROXSTA cube integral

The TEKO solution for refrigerating, heating and air-conditioning.

19 October 2017

The cold season is just around the corner and we turn up our heaters again. However, we do not only want to find a pleasant climate at home, but also at our preferred grocery store. Thus, you as operator or specialised refrigeration company will face the following question each time you carry out a new construction or reconstruction work: „How can I heat the store efficiently?“

  • Heating oil, gas or maybe natural refrigerants?
  • Condensing boiler, oil heating or with the necessary refrigeration system?

What do long-term solutions look like in this day and age with all the environmental debates, requirements and regulations?

Integral systems with the natural refrigerant CO2 may be a solution – for small to medium capacity ranges as well. With the ROXSTAcube integral product line, TEKO now provides you with the optimum solution!

ROXSTA cube integral.

The Unit is perfectly suited for the generation of a reliable goods room temperature (medium and low temperature cooling) and, simultaneously, for heating the store at cold outdoor temperatures (autumn / winter) and for tempering the store in spring / summer (air conditioning). The compact systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and have a sound-insulated housing.


  • No separation of system technologies – the entire technology from a single source
  • Future-proof due to the use of the natural refrigerant CO2 (GWP=1)
  • Not affected by the rules of the F-Gas Regulation
  • Compact design requires minimum installation space
  • Flexible and easy installation inside the building or outside
  • Short delivery times due to standardisation of the products
  • Particularly lucrative eligibility for grants by different national funding programmes – quick amortisation

Capacities – precisely adapted to your needs.

  • Medium temperature cooling
    65 kW at an evaporating temperature of -7 °C and a gas cooler outlet temperature of +40 °C
  • Low temperature cooling
    8 kW at an evaporating temperature of -32 °C and a condensing temperature of -7 °C
  • Heating capacity
    65 kW at an outgoing water temperature of 40 °C and a water return temperature of 30 °C
  • Store tempering
    25 kW at an outgoing water temperature of 6 °C and a water return temperature of 12 °C

We would be pleased to adapt the mentioned capacity data to your project!

We make the package complete!

In addition, we will provide you with suitably adapted CO2 evaporators and gas coolers as well as load units for the cooling point control by Wurm Systeme.

4 partners. One solution.

With Retailox, a cooperation of the companies GTM, Kampmann, TEKO and Wurm, we offer optimally matched and reliable refrigeration and building technology. In this regard, we take building management, refrigeration and heat technology, air-conditioning and ventilation systems into account. For more information, see

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