WHITELINE CO2 wedge cooler

21. April 2020 | All articles, Products /

A highlight from the joint product development of TEKO and Centauro is the CO2 wedge cooler series WFBL.1. This is particularly impressive due to its hygienic construction, flat design and user-friendly handling.

Capacities (R 744)

  • MT up to 6 kW (t0 -8 °C / DT1 8K)
  • LT up to 5 kW (t0 -25 °C / DT1 7K)

Design pressure

  • Max. operating pressure 45/60/80 bar


  • Ease to use during installation, service and cleaning due to the drip pan and fan plate that can be folded down separately
  • Hygienic housing made of smooth aluminium-magnesium sheet – no rust formation possible


  • Electric heating in the block and tub that can be removed from the bottom – easy retrofitting or changing
  • Easy cable laying through an empty conduit from the cooling to the electrical side

Flat design

  • The flattest design on the market (215 mm high) – maximum storage space for the refrigerated goods
  • Condensate connection 45° against the air direction – no protrusion into the cold room and no damage possible


  • High-quality, maintenance-free AC fans or energy-saving ESM fans
  • All-round insulated drip pan – defrosting heat remains in the evaporator, no condensation on the pan
  • Strong fins and copper pipe walls extend the service life even in a more aggressive atmosphere




  Sarah Schröter

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