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16. December 2020 | All articles, TEKO Team /

Lukas Stahl started his training as a mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology at TEKO in 2014 and subsequently completed his further training as a state-certified technician in July 2020, specialising in refrigeration and air conditioning system technology. He has now been a permanent TEKO employee since August 2020, working in the Technical Support department. Here, he has special responsibility for designing CO2 projects and also supports the Produce Retailers Key Account Management team in system-related matters.

Redaktion: Lukas, what is your role at TEKO?

Lukas: My job at TEKO is technical support. I mainly focus on designing CO2 projects and preparing offers. I also support key account management in the food retail sector with system-related questions and offers.

Redaktion: You’re no stranger to TEKO. What made you choose to work for us again?

Lukas: After graduating as a technician, I was looking for a challenge to apply and expand the knowledge I’d acquired. Given that I have known TEKO since my apprenticeship, I knew that I was in the right place here. And it’s a working environment that suits me.

Redaktion: What do you like most?

Lukas: I particularly enjoy the open and relaxed atmosphere between colleagues. Freedom to make decisions when working independently and jointly developing solutions make the position very interesting.

Redaktion: What are your plans for the future at TEKO?

Lukas: I would like to expand my expertise in the field of natural refrigerants while also implementing exciting projects.

Redaktion: Lukas, we are very happy to have you back in the team and wish you continued success and happiness at TEKO.


  Sarah Schröter

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