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Whether in food cooling, industrial production, or logistics: product safety and quality in trade and industry can only be guaranteed with the right refrigeration technology. Individually suitable refrigeration systems depend on many factors: intended purpose and thus the relevant capacity range, local conditions, energy and cost efficiency as well as environmental compatibility are just a few points that play a role in planning. TEKO Kältetechnik develops and produces innovative, high-performance refrigeration systems for your every need.

Rely on in-depth know-how and experience for your refrigeration system: TEKO has the right cooling solution for every need!

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The right refrigeration system for every requirement – high performance for your system and individual solutions from TEKO

Whether individual components such as evaporators for refrigeration technology or complex multi compressor systems with Wurm control electronics, you will always find the right food cooling solution at the operator, planner, and refrigeration specialist, TEKO Kältetechnik.

We offer you high performance right across the board:

  • Advice & planning tailored to your needs. Every refrigeration system has its own requirements. Our experts support you from the first concept draft in the planning phase – even before the building for the cooled objects is constructed. We focus on operational safety and energy efficiency.
  • Close cooperation with long-term partners. We source the individual components of our refrigeration solutions from long-standing, proven manufacturers. By working closely together, we ensure that all components are precisely coordinated and always operate reliably.
  • Individual systems. In addition to our standardized series products, we also offer you individual systems that are optimally tailored to your requirements. Through close cooperation with our suppliers, we can specifically influence the individual components of your refrigeration system and, if necessary, fine-tune them in our factory.
  • “Made in Germany”. Our production facility produces more than 5,000 machine units and assemblies each year. Not only do you benefit from short delivery times, but also from the reliable high quality of the “Made in Germany” label, which we continuously check and comprehensively document for all products. Our high quality level is attested by our regular certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.
  • Training. In order to optimally support you in your daily work with the refrigeration system, we offer you regular training courses in our modern test and training centre. In the practically-oriented units, you will gain a practical knowledge of all the properties of CO2 and get to know about refrigeration systems and Wurm control electronics.

Future-proof cooling solutions from TEKO: natural refrigerants for your refrigeration system

F-gases have been used in commercial refrigeration for many decades and have proven themselves a thousand times over as refrigerants in refrigeration systems. However, since fluorinated gases contribute significantly to the warming of the atmosphere, they are subject to increasing regulation, for example the EU F-Gas Regulation. TEKO was quick to recognize this industry challenge and developed innovative and future-proof concepts for you.

Our future-proof solutions for your refrigeration system:

  • CO2In addition to a very good balance in terms of energy, cost and the environment, a CO2 refrigeration system from our ROXSTA series offers you maximum flexibility for your requirements – from 5 kW to 640 kW, various models are available for every demand.
  • NH3The climate-neutral refrigerant ammonia provides you with a very high cooling capacity and is very cost-effective. TEKO operates NH3 machine units from the AMMON series for normal, deep-freeze and air conditioning purposes with capacities of up to 3,650 kW as well as ammonia evaporative condensers with a capacity of up to 6,100 kW.
  • Propan: An R290 refrigeration unit from TEKO from the RANSTA series offers you a wide range of applications from building air conditioning to commercial refrigeration and process refrigeration, and always scores high on easy handling and safe operation.

Would you like to know more about our innovative concepts for your refrigeration system? Get in touch with us – we will be happy to advise you in detail about the advantages of natural refrigerants!

Series solutions with natural refrigerants from TEKO

ROXSTA CO2 solutions
AMMON NH3 solutions
RANSTA Propane solutions

Strong partner for your refrigeration system: TEKO Kältetechnik wins over every time

Together for the best result – this motto characterizes the cooperation with our customers, suppliers, and colleagues. This is the only way to achieve optimal and innovative results that provides you with important advantages:

  • Extensive product portfolio. From individual components to complex system solutions – we offer you the right solution for every refrigeration system.
  • Future-proof cooling solutions. You can now prepare for the future with our innovative solutions with natural refrigerants tailored to your requirements.
  • Comprehensive service provision. From initial conception to training for ongoing operations, you benefit from the well-founded know-how and decades of experience of the specialists at TEKO Kältetechnik.

Do you have any questions or would you like to plan your new refrigeration system? Get in touch with us about your individual requirements – together we will find the optimal cooling solution that meets your challenge!