Availability between Christmas and New Year

2021 was a real exciting and challenging year for all of us. Christmas is just around the corner and the turn of the year is also within reach. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for being our valued partner, filled with trust and commitment. We are there for you… […]
23. December 2021

Extension of the TEKO R&D Test Laboratory

Report by Andreas Schmitt (Head of Research & Development) and Lukas Beier (Technology Development) The history of industrial refrigeration technology has been shaped by many attempts to render commercial refrigeration efficient. In addition to various unit constellations, different refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures have been used. After almost 150 years of industrial refrigeration, a serious intervention […]
16. December 2021

ENT-TRO: New specialists for the refrigeration industry

Interview with ENT-TRO GmbH Skilled workers in the refrigeration industry are in short supply. The job description for Mechatronics Technician for refrigeration technology is poorly known and does not exactly rank in top position for apprenticeships in demand. So we, in the industry, still have our work cut out to improve this situation. Our long-term […]
16. December 2021

The TEKO forest is expanded

To support the forests in our home region, we donated money for the planting of almost 2,000 young deciduous trees last year. Together with the municipality of Altenstadt and the forest ranger, an open area of around 0.3 hectares was selected in November 2020 and the saplings (red oak, beech, sessile oak and winter linden) […]
16. December 2021

Company holidays at the end of the year

The year 2020 was and still is a real challenge for all of us. Christmas is just around the corner and this year everything will be completely different. No pre-Christmas visits, no Christmas parties with friends and colleagues and even family meetings have to be well thought out. We would like to thank you for […]
16. December 2020

Welcome to our news portal

“Dear reader” – these have been the first words of every single TEKOPOST published over the last 11 years (that’s 23 issues!). And we are still happy to publish them and will continue to do so in future. But the world is becoming increasingly digital and fast-paced. Without social media, almost nothing functions anymore. We have […]
16. December 2020

TEKO donates a forest

Protecting the environment & halting climate change Drought, storms, fires and bark beetles… these are just some of the problems our forests are facing. We want to do something about it! For this reason, we have launched our “TEKO Forest” campaign and are supporting the forest in the surrounding Altenstadt campaign with a donation of EUR […]
16. December 2020

TEKO & Centauro – More than just a partnership

For over a quarter of a century – since 1995 – we have enjoyed a close partnership with the Portuguese heat exchanger manufacturer Centauro. What started with a tailor-made customer solution quickly developed into our own brand WHITELINE. Since then we have been working in a close, friendly relationship and developing products jointly for our […]
21. April 2020

Partnership with Colcab & Colcoil

Since March 2020, we have been a partner of the South African refrigerator manufacturer Colcab.  Why South Africa?  The South African refrigeration industry is very strong. Some retail chains have already introduced CO2 technology, and the entire industry is interested in switching to natural refrigerants.  Colcab wants to quickly drive the change to sustainability and […]
21. April 2020

Sport engagement

Promotion of young talents & clubs Is it really true that athletic people have more success in their work? Studies show that regular exercise makes us more effective because it increases our discipline, ambition and general well-being. For this reason, we thought, “Why not pass this success onto other people?” – and make a commitment […]
21. April 2020