TEKO Gold Cartridge

13. June 2022

For several years now, we at TEKO have been intensively involved in research & development with the investigation of the oil management of CO2 refrigeration systems and their components. We have conducted many tests and taken steps to improve the running behaviour of our plants – for example, reducing the oil throw of the compressors into the refrigeration circuit. From the collected findings and implemented measures the TEKO Gold Cartridge has been developed.

With the TEKO Gold Cartridge, we have found a way to positively influence the oil management – and thus also the interaction of the components – in a CO2 refrigeration system. The complex design leads to a long working life of the cartridge. The TEKO Gold Cartridge has been designed for extreme loads, for example due to contamination. In addition, the degree of separation is improved, even in the always changing conditions required of a CO2 refrigeration system. By creating a two-layer oil cartridge, the separated oil is drained into a specific area of the cartridge, this increases the separation efficiency to the highest level, even under strenuous working conditions.

How to replace a coalescence cartridge?

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Step-by-Step filter replacement instructions

Please read the manufacturers manual for the oil separator!

  1. Isolate separator from system. Make sure there is no internal pressure in the separator. Failure to relieve pressure in separator may cause injury and/or equipment damage. Re-cover or recycle refrigerant from the oil separator. 
  2. Remove flange bolts and lock washers. 
  3. Remove top plate. 
  4. Remove filter nut and sealing washer. 
  5. Remove old filter and O-ring on bottom of oil filter. 
  6. Make sure filter surface inside separator is smooth and clean of dirt. 
  7. Apply a light film of oil to O-ring on new filter and insert new filter into separator so O-ring seats flush on sealing surface. 
  8. Re-attach sealing washer and filter nut. 
  9. Tighten the filter nut until filter will not turn. Then tighten nut another half turn (maximum 8 Nm).
  10. Remove old O-ring from top plate. 
  11. Place new O-ring in O-ring groove on the top plate and apply a thin film of oil around its diameter. 
  12. Re-assemble top plate, bolts and lock washers. 
  13. Gradually tighten bolts in an alternating star pattern. 
  14. Ensure reservoir has the required amount of oil. Refer to nameplate for correct quantity of oil. 
  15. Return separator to operating service.


  Sarah Schröter

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