Training & Studies 2019

21. April 2020

Every summer, young people start their vocational training at TEKO. Almost 10% of our workforce are trainees and students. We are particularly proud that the majority of these young people remain with us after their internship. We are aware that this is not possible without further development opportunities with excellent prospects, so we offer them appropriate options for further training.

Denise Kraft & Martina Mansholt – Start of training

On 1 August 2019, Denise Kraft (left) and Martina Mansholt (right) began training as industrial management assistants at TEKO. We sincerely wish them both all the best, success and enjoyment in this new chapter of life.



Lena Betz – Successful internship examination

After three years of vocational training, Lena Betz passed the examination for industrial management assistant with flying colours on 5 June 2019. We congratulate her on this achievement and are pleased that she has remained part of our team even after the training. 

The trainees go through all the job-related areas with us as part of the training plan and this helps young people find out what suits them best. For Lena Betz it was production control, where she was able to get started right after her internship.


Lukas Beier – Successfully passed the bachelor’s degree examination

Congratulations to Lukas Beier! In September 2019, he successfully completed his Bachelor of Science examination – specialising in refrigeration system technology. 

Lukas Beier started his apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology at TEKO in August 2013. After his trial period in July 2016, he supported our team in production, and in September 2016, he began the dual study programme at the European Cooling and Air Conditioning Ventilation Academy (ESaK).

We are pleased that Lukas Beier has remained part of TEKO and continues to support the Technology Development division since 1 October 2019.


  Sarah Schröter

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