Holistic concept for the non-food-sector

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Wurm’s promising pilot project in the non-food sector: all the necessary measures for regulating energy efficiency and building technology were implemented in two stores belonging to a project partner on the basis of a holistic concept created by Wurm.

Different right from the start

The order requirements for the project marked a considerable difference from those made by food retailing right from the outset. While technical implementation is at the forefront with food retailing, this was about implementing the architect’s concrete design in the best possible way. This meant combining this aesthetically sophisticated interior design with a concept optimised in terms of energy.

So the object was clearly defined: the implementation was to be appealing, fit for purpose and energy-efficient. For this reason the light circuits were devided for the purpose of effective illumination: the night lighting, which also serves as an intruder alarm, daylight illumination during opening hours and brighter lighting for cleaning purposes before daily operations. This all serves the purpose of creating the most pleasant atmosphere possible for customers.

It was also defined, which electric circuits should still be active after opening hours and which would have to be switched off for safety reasons.

Expert knowhow for challenging tasks

Wurm’s expertise in energy was brought to bear in particular in the areas of air-conditioning and ventilation. In order to integrate the Wurm technology into the existing plant with as little effort as possible, an interlaock between the heating and refrigeration modes was implemented.

Accordingly, the areas for the dimensioning of the control cabinet had to be grouped. The technical standards valid here were not only adhered to, they were exceeded. The first step towards the concept was supplied by the specialist planning division from Wurm Schaltanlagenbau.

One challenge in the project was the use of very compact control electronics, the aim of which was to save resources in the control area to the maximum. This special task was the job of the experts at GTM Gebäudetechnik Management. The required automation was programmed and tested in coordination with Schaltanlagenbau.

Flexibility even when things get unpredictable

But no project proceeds in the way it was planned at the start – many people will know unpredictable obstacles from practice. With the project these turned out to be in construction-related alterations. Wurm was helped in finding a quick solution to these by the close cooperation of all the specialist divisions involved: this interplay of competences meant that the planning could be adapted to the unexpected new requirements easily. Thanks to the flexible concepts, the necessary modifications could be integrated easily. The wiring in the control cabinet was changed accordingly before delivery.

Transparency by linking to the certified Wurm system

A central requirement of the project was the monitoring of the essential sources of energy consumption. The grouping of areas Wurm had planned facilitated presentation in the ISO 50001-certified energy monitoring system. This now makes it possible to recognise energy-intensive areas and plan adequate corrective measures. All the data gathered are transferred to Wurm’s TÜV-approved system and can be altered via secure infrastructure by remote connection.

Close cooperation makes the difference

The case described in the pilot project demonstrates once again the extent to which Wurm’s strength is based on good internal cooperation and communication. Quick coordination about necessary changes among the Wurm Group specialist divisions make it possible to implement solutions rapidly and can limit cost-intensive delays. Everything has gone satisfactorily for the customer since the completion and opening of the store. The second store was implemented without any change in concept worthy of mention – this also saves considerable planning costs for the operator.

Wurm will bundle the services of the various specialists divisions within the company group into a holistic “package”, which can not only be used for food retailing, as has been the case until now, but also in numerous other retail sectors. Whether it is a fashion shop, a drug store or a furniture store, the basic concept can be modified and adapted for all retail segments.

All in all, the pilot project is clear practical proof that the holistic concept with services from one source can be used not only in the main target group of food retailing, but also in the non-food sector beyond the refrigerated shelves.


  Sarah Schröter

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