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The right cooling solutions to preserve your perishable goods!

TEKO – your specialist in refrigeration technology!

Are you an operator, planner or specialists in installing refrigeration systems? Do you work in food retail, in food production or food storage? No matter which of these branches you work in, you definitely need optimum refrigeration to preserve your perishable goods!

What do we offer you?

The best refrigeration solutions for your requirements!

„TEKO can look back at more than 40 years of successful company history in refrigeration technology. Since then, our growth is supported on three main pillars refrigeration components, multi compressor system and control electronics of Wurm systems. This company’s special focus is on the expertise of our employees in their respective areas of specialisation, the close partnership with our exclusive suppliers and the close networking of the three main pillars. Resulting in well-coordinated and well-functioning overall packages for your project. TEKO was founded in 1982 and started with trading of technical components [German: technischen Komponenten] therefore the company name TEKO. Today, we offer our customers a wide range of compressors, heat exchangers and valves ex-stock. Since 1989 we have been manufacturing increasingly complex refrigeration units. Now when I walk through our production facility, I see 96% of the systems with natural refrigerants, integrated control and mounted control cabinet. Thanks to our close partnership of more than 30 years with the control system manufacturer Wurm Systeme, we have been able to benefit from experience and knowledge in the produce refrigeration in the systems business. You will get a functioning all-inclusive package including solution suggestions, consultations, software packages,  trainings und Support via our Wurm-Hotline.I am proud of this development ,and I know that TEKO will continue to fulfil the demands of the refrigeration industry in the future.”- Edgar Holzhäuser (Managing Director)