Heat exchanger

High-quality components for your refrigeration units


In addition to refrigeration generators and cooling points, heat exchangers are among the most important unit components in a refrigeration circuit. Correspondingly, optimal dimensioning of gas coolers, condensers or evaporators in refrigeration technology is crucial for correct product cooling.

When it comes to heat exchangers, TEKO offers you strong OEM solutions for your refrigeration needs: With our WHITELINE heat exchanger series you can overcome any refrigeration challenge.

Evaporators for refrigeration technology from TEKO: The perfect addition to your refrigeration unit

In our range, you will find high-quality evaporators for refrigeration technology of all types, many of them directly available from stock.

As a distributor of various manufacturers of refrigeration components, close cooperation with manufacturers is important to us as it means we can always offer our customers the best solutions. One example of this is heat exchanger manufacturer Centauro, with whom we have had a close partnership since 1995. Our combined expertise and intensive practical experience resulted in the development of our WHITELINE evaporators for refrigeration technology.

You can choose from various options when it comes to evaporators for refrigeration technology:

  • Box evaporators
  • Wedge coolers
  • Dual evaporators

In addition to demand-based planning and reliable functionality, sustainability and future proofing are important aspects for cooling solutions.
TEKO is aware of this challenge for the refrigeration market and has been working intensively with the natural refrigerant CO2 since 2004. We will provide you with optimally designed CO2 evaporators for refrigeration technology to go with the ROXSTA CO2 refrigeration unit.

Gas coolers, condensers and evaporators for refrigeration technology: With TEKO you get all the required components from a single source

With the increasing use of refrigerant CO2 in industrial and commercial refrigeration such as food refrigeration, CO2 gas coolers are replacing conventional air-cooled condensers in cooling systems.

In addition to evaporators for refrigeration technology, TEKO offers you a wide range of gas coolers and condensers that are meticulously designed and tailored to the requirements of our customers.

  • The condenser or gas cooler must be able to draw in and out freely and is therefore not suitable for installation in closed rooms without special ventilation facilities. However, outside of buildings there is a risk of noise pollution. This is why there is a high demand for low-noise gas coolers and condensers with simultaneously energy-saving EC fans. This not only reduces the energy consumption of the gas cooler, but also allows for a reduced speed that is both adapted to requirements and low noise.
  • The condenser surface of the gas cooler or condenser plays an integral role in the relationship between acquisition and operating costs. Thanks to a wealth of experience in the interplay between the refrigeration unit, cooling points as well as gas cooler or condenser, TEKO weighs up the optimal dimensioning for you. Thanks to the carefully thought-out design of the refrigeration components, TEKO guarantees you safe unit operation and long-term, reliable performance of the refrigeration unit.

We would be happy to inform you personally about the various components such as gas coolers, condensers and evaporators for your refrigeration technology and advise you on future-proof cooling solutions – give us a call!


Gas coolers, condensers and evaporators for refrigeration technology and more: TEKO is your solid partner for reliable and innovative cooling solutions

TEKO Kältetechnik offers you, the customer, carefully thought-out refrigeration solutions for every need. You benefit from our many years of experience and expertise, and other important advantages.

  • Close cooperation with strong partners that have grown over many years
    In order to always be able to offer you, the customer, the optimal refrigeration solution, we only work with proven manufacturers and have sought to continuously improve our collaboration over the years. In this way, we guarantee that the individual components such as the gas cooler, condenser and evaporator for your refrigeration technology are precisely coordinated and therefore optimally functional.
  • A large range of products for all cooling demands
    Regardless of whether you need a compact refrigeration unit for a discount shop or are looking for a comprehensive refrigeration concept for cold stores: TEKO provides you with a sophisticated unit solution for your every need. In doing so, we can rely on proven concepts as per demand or offer ultra-modern refrigeration solutions with natural refrigerants.
  • Innovative and future-proof refrigeration solutions from the experts
    Only with appropriate planning can you be sure that your refrigeration solution will also pay off for you in the future. This is why we offer you future-proof solutions such as CO2 refrigeration units. We precisely determine your needs and develop a concept based on this data, taking into account all your key requirements and combining components such as gas coolers, condensers and evaporators in refrigeration technology to form comprehensive solutions.

Would you like more information about our products and innovative solutions for your refrigeration technology? If so, please contact us – we are happy to provide you with tailored advice!