Energy and environmentally friendly refrigeration solutions for every need

Refrigeration units operating with carbon dioxide (R744) were first seen at the beginning of the twentieth century, before natural refrigerant was increasingly replaced by synthetic refrigerants. Nowadays, CO2 refrigeration units are experiencing a comeback – not least because of the inexpensive availability and environmentally friendly balance of CO2 as well as the legal restrictions of synthetic refrigerants. TEKO Kältetechnik has been developing innovative CO2 refrigeration units for you since 2004 – for safe operation even under extreme conditions.

CO2 refrigeration units: Rely on future-proof, high-capacity and highly efficient CO2 refrigeration units from TEKO Kältetechnik for your company!

Why is a CO2 refrigeration unit a clever cooling solution?

CO2 refrigeration units can be seen more and more, especially in the food refrigeration sector, and it’s no surprise because they offer numerous advantages:

  • Minimal environmental impact: CO2 has no ozone depletion potential and boasts a low GWP (1), which means that CO2 refrigeration units are very environmentally friendly.
  • Cost efficiency: CO2 is a naturally occurring substance with high availability. This means that it is available at a low cost, meaning that you as the operator of a CO2 refrigeration unit benefit from lower operating costs. Low maintenance and service costs as well as a sustainable energy footprint mean that CO2 units also score points in terms of operating cost accounting.
  • Heat recovery: Depending on the type, some R744 units also enable heat recovery. With this intelligent solution, energy from the refrigeration unit can be reused, for example for heating purposes, making the system particularly efficient.
  • Good thermal characteristics: Due to the very high volumetric refrigeration capacity and heat transfer coefficient of CO2, the individual components of the refrigeration unit (compressor, pipe diameter, heat exchanger) can be made much smaller and more space-saving.
  • Future-proof concept: R744 is a natural substance with high environmental compatibility. That is why, unlike synthetic refrigerants, no legal restrictions or prohibitions need to be anticipated – CO2 refrigeration therefore promises to be a future-proof refrigeration solution!

Would you like to find out more about the advantages of a CO2 refrigeration unit and receive advice on your individual usage options? If so, get in touch with our experts!

The ideal CO2 refrigeration unit for every need: The ROXSTA series by TEKO

TEKO Kältetechnik has been working intensively with the natural refrigerant CO2 since 2004. We have developed our ROXSTA series for food refrigeration in close cooperation with specialist refrigeration companies: Whether a discount shop or supermarket, large kitchen, cold store or for industrial processes – every user will find the right CO2 refrigeration unit here!

Trans-critical and sub-critical CO2 refrigeration units – our ROXSTA series at a glance

Which CO2 refrigeration units best suits your needs? Discuss your individual requirements with the experts at TEKO Kältetechnik!


CO2 refrigeration units and more: TEKO Kältetechnik is your competent partner for reliable refrigeration solutions

Over 35 years of experience in refrigeration technology, more than 40,000 implemented system solutions and continuous new developments – with TEKO you have an experienced partner for industrial refrigeration technology at your side.

  • Extensive product portfolio: From individual components such as refrigeration units or evaporators for refrigeration technology to efficient system solutions such as a CO2 refrigeration unit for operators, from ultra-compact refrigeration solutions to transport refrigeration for cold chains – we have the right solution for every refrigeration need and challenge.
  • Individual solutions: In order to always offer you the best refrigeration technology solution, we are your competent contact, right from the initial planning phase. In close consultation with you, we analyse your requirements and needs and create a holistic concept in which we consider economic efficiency, local conditions, legal requirements and funding opportunities.
  • Future-proof concepts: Thinking about the future today – our products are not only always state-of-the-art, but are also designed for the requirements of tomorrow. A good example are our CO2 refrigeration units, which set standards in terms of efficiency and environmental compatibility.
  • Comprehensive service provision: TEKO Kältetechnik not only sees itself as a provider of refrigeration solutions, but also as a long-term partner for operators, planners and refrigeration specialists. Our comprehensive service means we support you with initial planning for your refrigeration unit, offer you ordering assistance, short delivery times and extensive documentation. Specialised unit training courses complete our offer.

Find out more about our ROXSTA CO2 refrigeration unit series or other products from our portfolio and discuss your personal requirements for a future-proof refrigeration solution with our experts – we look forward to hearing from you!