More than 4.278 installed

Sustainable products with CO2

Since 2004 we have been intensively working with the natural refrigerant CO2. Our research and development team conducted endurance and stress tests with various control procedures under typical and extreme operating conditions to determine the conditions required for 100% reliable units. You can be rest assured that the entire unit and the components used in it are functional and have been checked thoroughly. We have conducted field tests with refrigeration specialists in different market concepts and analysed the results submitted by operators.

ROXSTA – CO2-solutions in production

Our CO2-Series ROXSTA was developed based on comprehensive know-how and has been successfully implemented for commercial refrigeration of produce. This is confirmed by more than 4.278 tried and tested CO2 systems (as of 30th April 2020) and satisfied customers.

We put great emphasis on the reliability and durability of the products we manufacture. We achieve this by manufacturing leakproof units with minimal soldered joints, by using bent pipes made of copper and steel instead of tube connections, with the right oil supply to the entire unit and by designing the machines in such a way that a low vibration and low pulsation operation is possible. The units are manufactured as per the applicable standards of DIN EN 378, and they are CE certified and have passed the final inspection by the TÜV. Refrigeration specialists appreciate the easy to maintain design of the unit and comfortable setting of control parameters. Operators appreciate the different installation options, noise protection, space considerations and handling conditions as well as the efficient and safe operation.

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“The systems technology with CO2 is quite complex. We focus mainly on a functioning overall system during product development so that specialist companies can master this technology. All modules are compatible with each other and the components tested in our test supermarket. The unit should be ‘manageable’ and safe. As an optimal add-on we have regular training schedule in place for relevant Technology and product trainings.”– René Rauch (Product Manager in-house production)