Working together for the best results!

Our customers are the driving force behind our daily operations

What is our endeavour everyday? To see our customers happy and contented! Be it the office desk, the workbench or the dispatch, we want all departments of the company to provide the best service and fulfil your requirements. How to achieve this? Firstly, good communication, of course, also with our TEKO colleagues. Always with one goal in mind: Zero error! And if we are not able to do it? Then we pull out all the stops!

The people at TEKO are important to us

We promote each employee as an individual with specific development potential working as a team and trusting each other to accomplish our day-to-day tasks in a pleasant working environment. Every TEKO employee has the opportunity to grow, to develop and to take up independent, responsible tasks. We are a fantastic and loyal team – even beyond the country’s borders.

„When I get up in the morning, I look forward to driving to my work. My incentive every day is providing our customers with the best solutions in these exciting, rapidly changing times. My exceptional team supports me in this endeavour, provides dedicated support to our customers along with developing, offering, producing and delivering products. I am proud to be a part of TEKO.”- Andreas Meier (Managing Director)