We work together and use our in-depth knowledge to solve your problems related to refrigeration!

TEKO – Produce cooling for production and logistics

We are well aware of the challenges faced in industrial cooling technology. Thanks to our decades long experience in produce refrigeration and our broad product portfolio, we continue to develop units and aggregates. We custom-assemble them for your systems in close cooperation with leading refrigeration specialists.

They can be existing products that we customise as per your needs or new product developments tailored to your specific project. Always with the aim of finding the optimal concept for your application and delivering on-time sustainable, highly efficient and high-performance solutions that meet all legal standards.

Technical basis for optimised operating costs

Higher refrigeration capacity means higher energy requirements. To avoid high energy costs, the efficiency of your refrigeration unit and the complete system is of crucial importance. The project development process significantly influences the efficiency of a refrigeration system. It is essential to know your exact requirements and cold load profiles for full utilisation, the local supply costs, the available floor space and maintenance access. Based on this data, the system technology suitable for your requirements is ascertained.

You can manage operating costs as part of your production processes once a suitable concept is developed for you. Since our entire industrial portfolio is optimised for efficient unit operation with maximum operational reliability.

Apart from the refrigeration system, potential savings are also possible by using the waste heat generated from the refrigeration process. In most cases, this not only offers significant savings in total electricity consumption, but also reduces investment.

Life insurance for your products

Maintaining the quality or even improving the quality of refrigerated goods during the ripening phase are complex processes – from food processing through storage and distribution to the consumer.

This is where the clever use of refrigeration technology is needed. Each link in the chain must function and has specific requirements. But there is one common denominator: Operational reliability! TEKO has the best references in this regard because we lay great emphasis on the reliability and durability of the products we manufacture.

We achieve this by means of exceptionally leak-proof systems with minimal joints, the use of bent pipes made of copper and stainless steel instead of tube connections, the selection of high-quality components and the correct oil supply of the entire system.

You will profit by ensuring the quality of your goods and low service and maintenance costs.


“These days refrigeration systems are often complex in design, control and regulation under the garb of “energy efficiency””. However, it is important to find the right balance between energy efficiency and operational reliability. Because, operational reliability is a decisive factor for your refrigerated goods. What good will high energy efficiency do for you if the refrigeration system malfunctions frequently and it takes a while for the system to run smoothly again? Using our experience and know-how we can find the right level of energy efficiency and operational reliability for your project. Which offers you safety, a stress-free plant operation and reasonable savings potential. We will be happy to advise you.”- Matthias Bethke (Key Account Manager Industrial Cooling)