Control electronics

A strong team formed by years of close cooperation!

Close association of more than 30 years

Wurm Elektronische Systeme is one of the leaders in automation technology on the German and European food retail industry and has subsidiaries in several European countries.

Since 1985, we have been the exclusive distribution partners of Wurm Systeme in Germany. From that time, Wurm’s standard solutions have been integrated into TEKO systems and concepts, giving them the desired intelligence. The necessary parameters and settings result from 30 years of successful cooperation and and experience between Wurm and TEKO.

As part of this, Wurm follows a sustainable product policy that includes long lifecycle times for all product lines. When developing new products, the focus is always on the downward compatibility of the products. A large number of devices back to 1998 are compatible with one another.

Perfect solutions for the food retail sector

Vital for the ideal refrigeration of food, the integrated control system from Wurm Systems optimally regulates the room temperature of your goods, continually monitors it and documents it according to the operator’s responsibilities.

Using the most modern software and diagnostic tools, operators, store managers and refrigeration specialists can monitor, analyse and optimise data from individual projects and from a group of projects. The software can be customised for the user’s field of interests.

Combined with Wurm’s hardware and software, this solution can be implemented for demanding requirements such as energy management as per ISO 50001, HACCP temperature documentation, Commission Regulation 37/2005 and the DIN EN ISO 23953, EN 12830, EN 13485 and EN 13486.

The Wurm Security Centre guarantees 100% security of the stored data. Wurm operates a highly professional, redundant server farm located in Remscheid and permanently invests in the system’s data security. The TÜV-certified system stores billions of data points every day. Operators, store manager and refrigeration specialists receives exactly the data needed via individual access and user rights in the shortest period of time.

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„Wurm software applications are highly appreciated by our customers. The platform FRIGODATA Online appeals intensely to the interests of the operators. Thanks to a graphically attractive and clear dashboard, it provides you with a holistic, location-independent overview of your systems. At on click, you receive exactly the information you need to monitor, control, analyse and optimise your systems and branches in real time. Of course, FRIGODATA Online can also be used via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. For the service companies, the FRIDA app, which also offers online access and analysis of the systems, has become a constant companion.– Dominik See (Product Manager Wurm Systeme)