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Control solutions from WURM systems.

Wurm Systeme is the leading provider of individual automation systems for refrigeration systems and technical building management.  On 29 June 2018, Wurm received the TOP 100 seal for the second time and is thus one of the innovation leaders for 2018.

For more than 20 years, the renowned TOP 100 seal has been awarded to Germany’s best mid-sized companies following a scientific comparative study. In June 2018 it was awarded to Wurm Systeme at the renowned annual event “Deutscher Mittelstands-Summit” in Ludwigsburg. Read more in the WURM press release Wurm-Pressemeldungen

Close association from more than 25 years.

We have been the exclusive distribution partner for Wurm Systeme for more than 25 years. Since the beginning of this partnership, Wurm control solutions have been integrated into our systems and concepts. Renowned supermarket chains and companies in the food industry often rely on Wurm technologies in conjunction with our refrigerating and heating solutions. The corresponding switchgear comes from the subsidiary Wurm-Schaltanlagenbau, which has enjoyed more than 40 years of success on the market. You can of course come to us as well for the individual hardware and software components.

FRIGOLINK – Systems solutions with future.

FRIGOLINK is our highest-performance automation platform for industry and supermarkets. FRIGOLINK offers a large number of systems solutions with a small number of different modules. Software rather than extensive hardware and parameterisation rather than programming are the central system features of this product family. A simple operating concept permits maximum time savings and reliability. Innovative optimisation strategies are already integrated, enabling the consistent utilisation of refrigeration systems, achieving verifiable cost savings and ensuring excellent temperature profiles of the goods. The plug-in memory module with the stored parameters for the entire system guarantees the highest levels of service-friendliness.

Systems solutions with FRIGOLINK are currently available for cold stores, rack units, brive systems, heat-recovery, heating and ventilation systems as well as for lighting control. Ongoing further development of the software modules is a matter of course for us.

The high-performance on-board software simultaneously supports several data protocols (MPX and XP technologies). The high end processor and memory components also enable a special type of data compression (DokuPlot), which supports the transfer of high data volumes in short time intervals.


FRIGOENTRY – Efficiency and cost awareness

FRIGOENTRY offers you cost efficiency and proven Wurm quality for the creation of conventional system concepts with simple requirements. The clearly structured components allow you to design a simple system by selecting the specific equipment. Each piece of equipment is fully operational as a stand-alone unit or can be freely combined with others. You benefit from considerable cost savings thanks to simple installation, easy operation and clear information.

FRIGODATA – Monitoring, analysis, control

The high-performance software FRIGODATA consistently sets new standards in the refrigeration and building automation market. This intelligent telecommunications software permits the central monitoring of connected systems around the clock. Whether refrigeration plants, buildings with heating, ventilation and lighting control – whether in a single production or warehouse building or in numerous stores within a retail chain – with FRIGODATA you can systematically monitor, analyse and parameterise any number of control circuits at a wide variety of locations directly from your PC.

Many thousands of installations in Germany and its neighbouring countries speak for themselves.

Incidentally: FRIGODATA is also available online!


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