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The demand for frozen foods is still on the rise, and the growth in convenience food sales continues to be record-breaking. Especially the demand for the so-called fresh products is increasing day by day. The refrigeration industry, TEKO in particular, offers long-term and future-proof employment.

We offer a modern workplace with diverse challenges that leave you with a feeling of joy and satisfaction. A team that undertakes critical tasks together. Excellent perspectives and development opportunities where goals are promoted. Therefore, your personal development is particularly important to us. A good working environment and a trusting relationship is what we can offer you.

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We are a founding member of “N.I.K.K.I. Technology talent search “Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry” – because refrigeration technology has a future. Get information and become part of the “Future Workshop”.

We wish to introduce people the professional world. More than 10% of our workforce are apprentices and students. Whether you are a mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology, an electrical system installer, a specialist for warehouse logistics, industrial clerks or a Bachelor of Science (refrigeration engineering) and a Bachelor of Arts (business administration) – you can expect responsibilities in promising and interesting professions. Are you interested in an apprenticeship with TEKO? Our apprenticeship gallery gives you an overview of the different apprenticed professions”Katja Holzhäuser (Head of Human Resources & Training)