Knowledge that takes you forward!

Know-how to give you a competitive edge

What makes a good training concept? If you feel you have learnt something during a training that has helped you improve in your day-to-day activities.

This is precisely why we at TEKO offer a wide range of training courses to make your work easier every day. Combining practical experience and theoretical knowledge, we train subcritical and transcritical circuits in coordination with Wurm control electronics. The workshops take place in small groups and offer practical exercise units with a high learning effect.

TEKO training offerings

We provide training for CO2 technology and Wurm systems.

For transcritical and subcritical CO2 applications, we focus on planning and installation.

We conduct five workshops for Wurm control electronics FRIGOLINK Basis or Professional, Gateways & Data communication, FRIGODATA and HCO2  G4 (R 744-refrigeration system process control).

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„In our training centre in Altenstadt, we pass on our knowledge every year to more than 600 experts, such as refrigeration plant engineers, planners, operators, etc. This makes us a crucial innovation driver in the industry. We conduct training sessions primarily at our headquarters in Altenstadt, but we can also conduct them at the customer’s site on request. Every month we conduct two to three workshops, usually over two days. On average, we can accommodate on 15 participants. The trend of training is definitely on the rise.”- Jürgen Schmidt (Head of Training)