Low refrigerant price and low energy costs!

Ammonia for industrial applications

For decades, ammonia has been the preferred refrigerant for industrial applications because ammonia is unmatched in efficiency and flexibility for the entire capacity range. Moreover, ammonia is a cost-effective refrigerant that will be available for the long run.

Based on our extensive experience of using ammonia as a refrigerant, our AMMON series has a modular design and is easy to maintain. The compact and easy-to-maintain design with compatible components ensures efficient operation in all respects. Our high-quality factory production of ready-to-install assemblies reduces your installation work on the installation site. With our heat recovery pump station “HEATrec”, we offer a module that can consume the waste heat generated from screw compressor oil cooling.

Large capacities – even with CO2

Apart from our ammonia machines, we also offer standard equipment with CO2 refrigerants for industrial applications. The “POLAROXindustrial” and “ROXSTAindustrial” series cover a broad capacity range for industrial cooling applications. The equipment is primarily used in low temperature applications and can be combined with other cooling systems without any problems.


„The combination of many years of experience in industrial cooling, exemplary internal communication and perfect team work made it possible for us to further optimize our ammonia series AMMON in a short time. The compact and modular design means space required is less and installation on site also requires less effort. Use of compatible components ensures efficient operation and long service life. Moreover, the entire TEKO-TEAM is fully committed to maintaining the high quality of the entire system and developing it further.“ Matthias Bethke (Key-Account-Manager for Industrial cooling)