Refrigeration unit

Safe refrigeration solutions for every need

In order to ensure the freshness and quality of perishable goods from production to sale, an intact cold chain is vital. Whether in storage, transport or in the freezer – insufficient refrigeration reduces the quality and shelf life of goods and can, in the worst case, even pose a health risk.

With a refrigeration unit that is optimally tailored to your individual requirements, such risks can be avoided. Discover our range of different units and cooling units for trade, logistics and industry. We offer suitable refrigeration solutions to ensure the freshness of your goods.

You can buy the right refrigeration unit to suit your demands from TEKO – contact us and receive comprehensive advice on the best individual solution! 

Your refrigeration unit from TEKO – our products at a glance

For efficient food refrigeration that is already setting standards – we can implement these refrigeration units and suitable systems for you:

  • CO2
    A CO2 refrigeration unit from our ROXSTA series offers you maximum flexibility when it comes to refrigeration technology. From small, space-saving units to powerful models with a peak capacity of 640 kW, we have a wide range of models. Whether for use in discount shops or for cooling industrial goods, a TEKO refrigeration unit with natural CO2 refrigerant covers all fields of application from a technological perspective, at the same time as providing future-proof technology.
  • Ammonia
    Ammonia has been a tried-and-tested refrigerant in industrial refrigeration for decades and cannot be missing from our product range. Each refrigeration unit in our ammonia series harnesses the well-known efficiency and flexibility benefits of NH3 as well as being modular and easy to maintain. In addition, we also offer NH3 units, which can be optimally tailored to capacity requirements and installed to form a refrigeration unit with the option of a pump station for harnessing waste heat from oil cooling.
  • F-gases
    F-gases or ‘fluorinated gases’ belong to the group of greenhouse gases and have been used as a substitute for banned CFCs for several decades. During this period, this technology has proven to be both an effective and a cost-effective option for refrigeration units. Particular focus should be given to using refrigerants with the lowest possible GWP. When planning your new or replacement refrigeration units, take into account the restrictions of F-Gas regulations – we will be happy to advise you on future-proof alternatives.
  • Control electronics
    When regulating our system solutions, we rely on the high-quality technical components of our long-term partner Wurm Electronic Systems. Control electronics allow you to monitor and adjust every refrigeration unit in detail with regard to capacity, temperature and more. This guarantees a high level of efficiency and long-term unit functionality.
  • Components
    We are able to provide a large variety of refrigeration unit components from various partner companies within a very short lead time. From evaporators for refrigeration technology to compressors and electronics, you can attain everything from a single source.

Do you need a refrigeration unit to suit your individual needs or for a specific requirement profile? Feel free to contact us – we will arrange the right solution with you!

Your specialist refrigeration unit – sustainable & intelligent refrigeration solutions from TEKO

German manufacturing quality, individual solutions, over 35 years of expertise – you can rely on our company and our services for all matters relating to refrigeration technology:

  • Large product range: Compact refrigeration solutions in the discount shop or complex concepts for cold stores – we provide you with a suitable unit for every need. To achieve this, we offer a choice of tried-and-tested concepts and state-of-the-art refrigeration solutions and refrigeration units with natural refrigerants.
  • Future-proof solutions: You can benefit from our expertise throughout the entire planning process. We determine your needs and use them to develop a suitable concept that considers all the relevant factors, before advising you on a refrigeration solution that will also pay off for you in the future.
  • Comprehensive service provision: We are at your side, both for the initial installation and throughout the long-term operation of your refrigeration units. From the right refrigeration unit and complete concepts to needs analyses, component delivery or training for your employees – TEKO Kältetechnik is your partner of choice for all refrigeration issues.

Together with you, we will find refrigeration solutions that meet your requirements. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products and receive comprehensive, tailored advice on your options!