FridgiWise Solution

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For more efficient and reliable plug-in cabintes

A clean condenser unit significantly contributes to improving the performance, efficiency, lifespan, and hygiene of plug-in refrigerated cabinets. FridgiWises innovative concept determines the optimal time for cleaning of each case. An intelligent algorithm assesses the degree of contamination based on the operating duration and power consumption of each individual device.

Plug-in refrigerated cabinets have often been neglected and inadequately monitored until now. Thanks to FridgiWise, market owners or energy managers can now actively monitor energy consumption and associated cleaning needs.

By targeted cleaning of the plug-in cabinets, the devices are not overloaded, their lifespan is extended, efficiency is increased, and power consumption is reduced. This not only leads to cost savings but also minimizes product loss due to equipment failures.

Energy savings thanks to intelligent monitoring

The operator or service company is notified in a timely manner when cleaning is required. This happens effortlessly through an app that sends signals to the service company. Timely cleaning can be easily integrated into routine maintenance, eliminating the need for emergency repairs in case of plug-in failures.

The FridgiWise system provides year-round insights into energy consumption data and related costs. It can monitor and compare multiple branches with plug-in units. FridgiWises intelligent algorithm not only detects the degree of contamination through increased power consumption but also provides insights into the quality of the cleaning work performed.

As a result, FridgiWise saves energy and maintenance costs. The return on investment (ROI) for the system is typically less than a year, making it an economically viable solution.

The quick setup and configuration of the FridgiWise system allows seamless integration into existing cabinets with their own condenser units. The fast installation of the FridgiWise system takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

The future of plug-in cabinets

Overall, FridgiWises intelligent concept leads to a significant improvement in plug-in cabinets, both in terms of efficiency and lifespan. The intelligent monitoring of the system ensures timely cleaning by professional service companies, thereby minimizing refrigeration unit failures, which, in turn, positively impacts inventory and energy costs.