Chillventa 2018

Review of three exciting days in Nuremberg

Chillventa went by much too fast. It has been three great, inspiring days! We are very happy about the great conversations and the positive feedback and say THANK YOU to all visitors!


We have prepared a gallery with impressions of Chillventa 2018 for you. Enjoy it!

In Nuremberg you have seen our solutions for natural refrigerants CO2, NH3 and propane. From small to big and for different applications


We presented our standardized CO2 series ROXSTAin different system variants:

ROXSTAair – up to 20 kW
// Application: Convinience Stores // MT // Indoor and outdoor Installation – also on house walls

ROXSTAcube mini – up to 40 kW
// Application: Small Discounter // MT or MT & LT // Compact design // Indoor and outdoor Installation // 2 housing options: Sound reduction 10 or 15 dB(A)

ROXSTAcube – up to 74 kW
// Application: Discounter // MT or MT & LT with heat recovery // Separable frame // Indoor and outdoor Installation // 3 housing options: Sound reduction 8, 10 or 15 dB(A)

ROXSTAsmart – up to 112 kW
// Application: Supermarket // MT & LT with heat recovery & mounted water pump // Indoor and outdoor Installation // Gas cooler Bypass // Suction gas heat exchanger (MT/LT)

ROXSTAsmart integral
// Application: Discounter & supermarket // cooling (MT/LT), heating & air conditioning as an integrated system // Indoor and outdoor installation

ROXSTA2.0 – up to 340 kW
// Application: Supermarket & hypermarket / food production & food storage // MT or MT & LT with heat recovery / heat pump / air conditioning // Increased efficiency: Parallel compression / EVALIFT / TEKOJET

In addition, we showed you the suitable WHITELINE CO2 evaporators & gas coolers:

CO2 evaporators
// Wedge  & Cubic unit coolers  // safe and tough: Strong tubewalls and strong blades // Hygienic and easy to use: Easy opening of casing and drip tray // Intelligent: Easy mounting

Gas cooler
// Efficient: High efficiency thanks to special tube geometry and tubes cross section // Adjustable: Easy controlling of the EC fans, each with controller // Flexible: One device – two air flow directions


We showcased our NH3 solution AMMON as screw compressor units with compressors from Bitzer and Mayekawa with horizontal and vertical oil separators as well as the suitable NH3 evaporative condensers:

AMMON-S – up to 2.000 kW
// MT & LT / air conditioning // Frame with vibration and skirting protection // Synthetic material profiles underneath the motor to reduce bearing currents // Stainless steel drip tray underneath the compressor // Compact and easy to maintenance design

Evaporative condensers – up to 6.645 kW
// Induced draft with radial fans // Forced draft with centrifugal fans // Galvanized housing sheet metals (725 g/m²) // Max. operating pressure 28 bar(g) // Powder coating as additional corrosion protection


Furthermore we presented our propane chiller RANSTA – with an capacity up to 760 kW:

// Application: Food production & food storage // Air conditoning / process cooling / MT with heat recovery // Noise reduced version (optional) // EC fans // Funding eligible

Small propane units from Embracowere available for original equipment manufacturers at our booth – installed in a plug-in refrigeration unit.


You will find them in the following brochures: