Protective measures against corona

Every single day we at TEKO are aware of our great responsibility for our employees, partners, suppliers and customers

TEKO has implemented among others the following comprehensive measures in order to maintain production and business operations.

  • Production employees and production related divisions have been divided into two completely separated shifts
  • Employees from other departments such as Sales, Engineering, Purchasing, Quality & Service, Telephone Centre and Management have been split into two groups. Physical contact is not permitted
  • We have already increased our stock of components to an even higher level one month ago to provide you with the best possible service.
  • Additionally we have set up two more warehouses for WURM components in Germany

All measures are taken to ensure the ability to deliver and to provide customer service, as well as to protect the health of our employees. At the moment there is still no influence for actual or incoming orders.

Of course, nobody can foresee the development of such a situation. We will permanently monitor the corona situation and, if necessary, correct measures.

We wish all of you health and strength in this challenging and unknown situation.