World Refrigeration Day

Celebrated for the first time on 26 June 2019

Can you imagine a life without refrigeration and cooling systems? People who do not work in the refrigeration business will have no answer to this question – after all, majority of these systems run in the background. The answer is both simple and frightening: a civilized world, as we know it, would completely collapse in a few hours without the refrigeration, cooling and heat-pump technology.

Starting from 26 June 2019, World Refrigeration Day will be celebrated once a year to highlight the absolute necessity of the refrigeration and cooling technology.

Thanks to the refrigeration engineering we are able to

  • freeze, store, retain the freshness of foodstuff and transport it across continents,
  • protect data centres (communication / data storage) from overheating,
  • adjust the temperature in cars, trains, buildings and hospitals as per our requirement.

On the establishment of the World Refrigeration Day

The International Institute of Refrigeration IIF/IIR (Paris), along with other organizations, has called for celebrating the “World refrigeration day” for the first time. In doing so, they wish to educate the public at large on the importance of refrigeration, cooling and heat-pump technology.

June 26 was chosen in honour of physicist Sir William Thomson (Lord Kelvin), who was born on this day. In the 19th  century, he carried out a series of thermodynamic experiments. Using his research results, he laid the foundation of mechanical refrigeration. He also introduced the absolute temperature scale. Its unit “Kelvin”, is named after him.

You can find more information on Twitter. The new Website  will go online in September.